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Type Technical Report
Scope Discipline-based scholarship
Title Is This Really Science? The Semantic Webber’s Guide to Evaluating Research Contributions
Organization Unit
  • Abraham Bernstein
  • Natasha Noy
  • English
Number IFI-2014.02
Date 2014
Abstract Text The Semantic Web is an extremely diverse research area. Unlike scientists in other research fields, we investigate a diverse set questions using a plethora of methods. The goal of this primer is to provide context for scientists in the Semantic Web and Linked Data domain about the purpose of research questions and their associated hypotheses, the tension between rigor and relevance thereof, possible evaluation approaches typically used, and pitfalls in terms of reliability and validity. For example, where is the scientific problem in developing a system or a tool? How do we frame the discussion of generating linked data from a given corpus such that others will actually care about our work? When is it a good idea to use our (Semantic Web) technology when the problem has already been successfully attacked by other means? We strive to make this primer as practical as possible. Hence, after a short more theoretical introduction we will pick up a series of examples from our research domain and use them to exemplify the implications of our introductory theoretical treatment. We hope that this text will help the reader to explore the scientific basis of their research more systematically.
Other Identification Number Technical Report No. IFI-2014.02
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