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Type Master's Thesis
Scope Contributions to practice
Title SmellTagger - Augmenting Design and Code Reviews with Multi-Touch Technology
Organization Unit
  • Sebastian Müller
  • Harald Gall
  • Michael Würsch
  • English
Institution University of Zurich
Faculty Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology
Date 2011
Abstract Text The new multi-touch technology that is used on devices such as the Microsoft Surface has the potential to fundamentally change the way how people interact with digital content. It provides the users with an intuitive and very natural user interface. This new interaction principle is widely used in various domains such as customer servicing. But very little research has been performed on how it can be used beneficially in the context of software engineering. In order to contribute to overcome this issue we developed a Microsoft Surface application called SmellTagger. This application uses well-defined heuristics to automatically detect code smells in a software project. These code smells can provide the starting point for a collabora- tive design and code review. Therefore our prototype application demonstrates how multi-touch interfaces can be used advantageously in the field of software engineering. Additionally, our SmellTagger application can also be used to verify that multi-touch interfaces can foster the collaboration between software engineers. The subsequent evaluation of the prototype application has shown that multi-touch interfaces are generally well accepted and intuitively easy to handle. It also became evident that our Smell-Tagger application fulfills the necessary requirements to be used beneficially in a code and design review process.
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