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Type Other Publication
Scope Discipline-based scholarship
Title NLP-Reduce: A ""naïve"" but Domain-independent Natural Language Interface for Querying Ontologies
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  • Esther Kaufmann
  • Abraham Bernstein
  • Lorenz Fischer
How Published
Date November 2007
Abstract Text Casual users are typically overwhelmed by the formal logic of the Semantic Web. The question is how to help casual users to query a web based on logic that they do not seem to understand. An often proposed solution is the use of natural language interfaces. Such tools, however, suffer from the problem that entries have to be grammatical. Furthermore, the systems are hardly adaptable to new domains. We address these issues by presenting NLP-Reduce, a ""naïve,"" domain-independent natural language interface for the Semantic Web. The simple approach deliberately avoids any complex linguistic and semantic technology while still achieving good retrieval performance as shown by the preliminary evaluation.
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