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Type Working Paper
Scope Discipline-based scholarship
Title EU trade agreements and non-trade policy objectives
Organization Unit
  • Alessandro Ferrari
  • Matteo Fiorini
  • Joseph Francois
  • Bernard Hoekman
  • Lisa Maria Lechner
  • Miriam Manchin
  • Filippo Santi
  • English
Institution European University Institute
Series Name RSC Working Papers series
Number 2021/48
ISSN 1028-3625
Number of Pages 21
Date 2021
Abstract Text The EU’s common commercial policy is used as an instrument to realize its values in EU trading partners, reflected in the inclusion of sustainable trade and development chapters in EU preferential trade agreements (PTAs). In this paper we ask if including non-trade provisions (NTPs) in EU PTAs has a systematic positive effect on non-trade outcomes in partner countries. We analyze the relationship between bilateral trade flows, the coverage of NTPs in EU PTAs and the performance of EU partner countries on several non-trade outcome variables using synthetic control methods. We find no robust evidence of a causal effect of including NTPs in EU PTAs on indicators of non-trade outcomes.
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Keywords Non-trade policy objectives, EU trade agreements, trade policy, non-trade provisions