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Type Media Coverage
Title Tomorrow's Titans 2022: Marco Hoegger + Sandro Braun
Other Titles Adoptive and dynamic machine learning for evolutionary systematic macro
Organization Unit
  • Marco Hoegger
  • Sandro Braun
Faculty Members
  • Thorsten Hens
  • English
Communication Medium
  • Online
Media Names
  • The Hedge Fund Journal
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Date August 1 - 2022
Abstract/Keywords Aionite Capital is an official startup from the University of Zurich, which is among more than 100 startups since 1999 to obtain the UZH startup label, further underlining their commitment to scientific investing. The founders’ novel way to combine investment signals, called “evolutionary investing”, makes use of machine learning portfolio construction and dynamic re-weighting methods that have been influenced by academic study and research in finance, physics and IT. “Evolutionary finance, pioneered by Professor Dr Thorsten Hens at the University of Zurich, is a key influence amongst a wide variety of academic research,” says Hoegger. Hens has for instance used both psychology and biology to develop economic theories of investor behaviour. There is some further collaboration with their alma mater. Braun also works as a lecturer at the university and has carried out research into text and natural language processing (NLP). “We have developed proprietary research, based on strict statistical and plausibility tests,” says Braun.
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