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Type Bachelor's Thesis
Scope Discipline-based scholarship
Title Design and Implementation of a Decision Support System for Ransomware Protections
Organization Unit
  • Dario Akhavan Safa
  • Muriel Figueredo Franco
  • Burkhard Stiller
  • English
Institution University of Zurich
Faculty Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics
Date 2022
Abstract Text Due to the significant growth of occurrences in the space of global ransomware threats, companies and individuals alike are becoming more prone to possible attacks. The nature of these threats make it very difficult to reverse the damage that has been dealt, once an attack has taken place. Because of this fact, more and more malicious actors are targeting high-profile individuals and organizations, often processing critical data. The goal of this thesis is to provide information and insights about ransomware, summarize and represent state of the art prevention measures, and consolidate this information into a newly developed tool to support decision-making in regards to applying preventive protection measures against ransomware threats.
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