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Type Other Publication
Scope Discipline-based scholarship
Title i-MoCo: Mobile Conference Guide - Storing and querying huge amounts of Semantic Web data on the iPhone/iPod Touch
Organization Unit
  • Cathrin Weiss
  • Abraham Bernstein
  • Sandro Boccuzzo
How Published
Date October 2008
Abstract Text Querying and storing huge amounts of Semantic Web data – this has usually required a lot of computational power. This is no longer true if one makes use of recent research outcomes like modern RDF indexing strategies. We present a mobile conference guide application that combines several different RDF data sets to present interlinked information about publications, conferences, authors, locations, and others to the user. With our application we show that it is possible to store a big amount of indexed data on an iPhone/iPod Touch device. That querying is also efficent is demonstrated by creating the application’s actual content out of real time queries on the data.
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