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Type Conference or Workshop Paper
Scope Discipline-based scholarship
Published in Proceedings Yes
Title All Those Wasted Hours: On Task Abandonment in Crowdsourcing
Organization Unit
  • Lei Han and Kevin Roitero and Ujwal Gadiraju and Cristina Sarasua and Alessandro Checco and Eddy Maddalena and Gianluca Demartini
Presentation Type paper
Item Subtype Original Work
Refereed Yes
Status Published in final form
Page Range 321 - 329
Event Title Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, WSDM 2019, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, February 11-15, 2019
Event Type conference
Event Location Melbourne, Australia
Event Start Date February 11 - 2019
Event End Date February 15 - 2019
Place of Publication ACM
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