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Type Working Paper
Scope Discipline-based scholarship
Title Maternal depression,women’s empowerment, and parental investment: evidence from a large randomized control trial
Organization Unit
  • Victoria Baranov
  • Sonia Bhalotra
  • Pietro Biroli
  • Joanna Maselko
  • English
Institution Institute of Labor Economics
Series Name IZA Discussion Papers
Number 11187
Number of Pages 95
Date 2017
Abstract Text We evaluate the long-term impact of treating maternal depression on women’s financial empowerment and parenting decisions. We leverage experimental variation induced by a cluster-randomized control trial that provided psychotherapy to perinatally depressed mothers in rural Pakistan. It was one of the largest psychotherapy interventions in the world, and the treatment was highly successful at reducing depression. We locate mothers seven years after the end of the intervention to evaluate its long-run effects. We find that the intervention increased women’s financial empowerment, increasing their control over household spending. Additionally, the intervention increased both time- and monetaryintensive parental investments, with increases in investments tending to favor girls.
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Keywords Mental health, maternal depression, women’s labor supply, empowerment, early life, parenting, child development, , , randomized controlled trial, Pakistan